April 17, Saturday

"Alleys of operetta"

The State Museum-Estate "Ostafyevo" — "Russian Parnassus"
The concert program will feature songs and arias from operettas, both very famous and those that are rarely heard at concert venues or forgotten at all.
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Start at 3 PM
Julia Zagoskina — soprano
Elena Bazhenova — piano
Address: Moscow,
Riasanovskoye settlement, village Ostafyevo, Troitskaya st., 10
Ticket price 500 rubles
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  • Певица Юлия Загоскина
  • Певица Юлия Загоскина
  • Певица Юлия Загоскина
  • Певица Юлия Загоскина
  • Певица Юлия Загоскина


Every day we post a new video here. The complete collection can be viewed at the repertoire page of Julia Zagoskina. In addition, you can subscribe to the YouTube-channel of the singer, so as not to miss anything interesting.


Romances, arias from operas and operettas by Russian and foreign
composers, folk songs, songs from movies
and much more.

Compositions are combined into harmonious thematic programs, which are submitted to the audience. These programs are not static: in they constantly changes are made for improving the programs themselves, and to bring them into compliance with the context of the concert.


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